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It is important to remember that the sale of alcohol has to be licensed.

So unless your venue has its own premises license that includes the sale of alcohol a temporary event notice must be obtained.

This is however something you don't have to worry about, as we will take care of it.

All we need from you is a fully completed booking form in order for us to apply for a temporary event notice. Please note, the licensing authorities charge a fee of £30 which we will need in order to complete your booking.

On the rare occasion that the licensing authority turn down your application we will notify you immediately and refund any fees paid minus the application fee of £30 .

In order to ensure we have enough time to process your application we require a minimum of 21 days from date of application to date of event. On the rare occasion that the local authority doesn't process the application within the time limit we will refund all deposits minus any application fees held by the local authority.

It is important to remember the hours in which the sale of alcohol can take place under your venues premises license.