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Bar Packages

Pay bar

Quite simply this is where your guests pay for their drinks just as they would in a normal pub or club. Please see our drinks list or the page above.

Free bar

This is ideal for those who don't want their guests to have to worry about paying for a thing. We charge £15 per head for this option. (limitations apply)


You can place a certain amount of money behind the bar (you choose the amount) Your guests drink for free up to this amount at which point it turns back into a pay bar. Please note normal bar prices apply.

Alternatively if you wish certain guests to enjoy the party on you. You can place an amount of money behind the bar (again you choose the amount). We will then exchange this money for an approximate number of tokens for you to hand out to certain special members of your party, ie bridesmaids, best man or mother of the bride. When the money runs out you can either top the money up for extra tokens or allow all your guests to use the pay bar package.

What you get

Which ever package you choose you can be assured of getting the following:

  • Professional service
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Glass hire
  • Bar sundries