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Terms And Conditions

Oli's Hogs events (Bars)

We will be the sole provider of all drinks at the licensed event unless agreed otherwise at point of booking.

We will apply for all necessary temporary event licenses. The client's requested bar opening times cannot be guaranteed as the final decision rests with the appropriate licensing authority.

We will supply all necessary equipment and staff required to run a fully stocked bar. We do however reserve the right to supply drinks in plastic glasses if the onsite washing facilities are not adequate for our demand or through sheer demand for certain glasses.


To secure an event we require a fully completed booking form (any discrepancies on the booking form could result in a loss of booking), along with a deposit cheque made payable to Oli's Hogs. If appropriate we will also require an additional £30 cheque made payable to the appropriate licensing authority.

Deposit amounts are as follows

  • Less than 150 guests £150
  • 150 to 200 guests £200
  • 200 plus guests £250

Deposits will be repaid in full after the event via cheque unless any one of the aforementioned terms has been breached, or there are significantly less guests than booked. A charge of £8 per guest under the minimum number specified by the client will be applied.

No licenses will be applied for unless the fully completed booking form and deposit have been returned to us within the time limit specified on the booking form.


28 days notice of cancellation is required in order that you receive a full deposit refund (minus any charges already paid out)

The Law

We operate under the licensing act 2003. All relevant restrictions will be upheld by our staff. Most commonly

We will NOT serve alcohol to anyone who looks under the age of 18. If your party includes guests around the age of 18 please ask them to bring ID. The bar staff's decision is final.

It is an offence to sell or supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. If we suspect that anyone is doing so we reserve the right to refuse to serve them. If we see anyone underage drinking alcohol on the licensed premises supplied by ourselves we will either confiscate or ask you to confiscate the alcohol from them.

We will not serve alcohol to anyone who appears to be excessively drunk, or who is abusive or threatening to our staff or other customers.

Venue access

Space should be provided for a large van and trailer. We must be able to manoeuvre and park our vehicles as close to the venue doors as possible to offload and load up at the end of the night. This does not mean that we will park anywhere where the vehicles may be clamped, towed away or given an endorsement penalty fine. Our vehicles can be removed and parked elsewhere in a designated space; however we will not park our vehicles illegally. If appropriate measures have not been put in place for us we reserve the right to cancel the job.

Due to the large number of heavy items access from the unload point to the set up point should be no more than 20 metres and include no more than 10 steps, unless agreed otherwise. Failure to disclose such information at the time of booking could result in cancellation of the job on health and safety grounds.

Payments for drinks

All drinks are to be paid for as sold on the night. We do not offer credit nor will we run a tab. Our bars are strictly cash only.

The exception to this is prepaid drinks packages or money behind the bar that have been paid for in advance.

You are of course able to put cash behind the bar to enable guests to drink up to this limit. We will of course tell you when you are reaching your limit in case you wish to add more money.