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Do you pre cook the pigs?

We never pre cook the meat we cook on site from fresh, this ensures quality and food safety.

How many people does a pig feed?

We buy different sized pigs for different sized parties or multiple pigs for the larger parties.

What is the minimum sized party you will cater for?

We don’t have a minimum requirement for number of people in a party, what we do have is a minimum charge for each menu.

Can you cook inside?

It is possible to cook our roasts and paellas inside but it needs to be a large well ventilated area such as a double garage, marquee or barn. As each indoor event is different it is best to confirm whether it is possible at time of enquiry.

How long does a pig take to cook?

Typically 5 to 6 hours for a pig and 2 to 3 hours for a lamb depending on the weather.

How far do you travel?

From our East Bristol location we will typically cover anywhere within a 2 hour drive depending on the season. However if you are unsure it is worth phoning the Hog hot line just to make sure.

Can we have a hog roast in the winter?

It is possible to have a hog roast in the winter it just needs a little more planning than a summer hog roast.

What do I need to provide?

Clear easy access to where we need to set up.
Approximately 4 by 6m space for us and the equipment
A 13amp plug socket for small events
A smile

Are you a registered food business?

Yes we are registered with South Gloucestershire Councils environmental health department. Do you have insurance? Yes we have full liability insurance.

Is your equipment safe?

Yes where applicable our equipment carries the appropriate CE markings and PAT testing certificates.