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How high are your marquees?

The walls are 2.4m high and the ridge height is 4m

Are the marquees waterproof?

Yes they are also suitable for winter hire as they are built to withstand wind speeds of up to 60 miles an hour. We would suggest hiring a heater if you are holding a winter event.

Can we decorate the marquee ourselves?

Yes of course you can however we do ask that nothing is stapled or sticky taped to the marquee and that all decorations are fully removed prior to collection.

What size marquee is suitable?

Please see our price page. This will tell you how many people you are able to fit into each section. Please note that it doesn't take into account dance floor area catering section, band space, bar area or any other extras you wish to fit into the marquee.

Can we connect a marquee to a building?

Marquees can be used as an extension to a building but cannot be completely joined to one. We will always try and position a marquee as close to the building as the situation will allow.

Can the marquees be erected on uneven ground?

Marquees can be erected on slightly uneven ground, it is best however that they are erected on even ground. However it is important to remember that the ground inside the marquee will also be uneven.

Can you open up the marquee in warm weather?

Yes the majority of the sides will slide back.

Will I need a generator or toilets?

If you have no power source on site then it is advisable to hire a generator. Equally if you have a large number of guests and only two toilets then it is advisable to hire a toilet unit. We can advise you on where to hire these from.

Are you able to make a site visit?

We are able to make a site visit, however it does depend on what the job is, distance from our Bristol base and time of year. I.e. May to September are the busiest months of the year so site visits can't be guaranteed.

Will the marquee damage my lawn?

If you cover grass for a number of days it will always turn yellow. The real damage, if any, will come from people walking up and down on the matting especially if it's a party with a large number of people.

What about pipe work or cables underground will the marquee damage them?

Firstly the hire charges are based on there being no pipe work under the marquee site. If pipe work does exist a detailed plan needs to be supplied in order that we don't disturb any of them. Alternatively arrangements will have to be made which will affect the hire charge. This needs to be finalised by the client before booking.