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Mixed leaf salad with cucumber tomatoes and onion (minimum 20 portions)


Coleslaw (minimum 20 portions)


New potatoes in parsley butter (minimum 20 portions)

Jacket potatoes individually wrapped in foil and cooked under the meat (minimum 40 servings)
(please note meat juices will drip onto the foil of the potatoes)
Florida salad (minimum 20 portions)
A creamy coleslaw mixed with pineapple, mandarin, orange and apple
Waldorf salad (minimum 20 portions)
Crunchy Apples, Celery and Walnut in a creamy Mayonnaise dressing
Tabbouleh salad (minimum 20 portions)
Couscous with tomato, cucumber and spring onion in a mint dressing

Something for the Vegetarians

Stuffed Mushrooms (minimum 10 portions)

Baked Portobello mushrooms with fresh green pesto and goat cheese.




Apple Pie and cream (minimum 10 portions)


Profiterols drizzled in chocolate sauce (4 per person minimum order of 20 portions)


Chocolate Fudge Cake and cream (minimum 10 portions)

Cheese board (minimum 20 portions)
Stilton, brie and cheddar accompanied with pickle and biscuits

Please note that we cannot guarantee that some of our products may contain nuts or nut products even though they are not listed on the ingredients.